Monday, April 03, 2006

I started studying at Capilano College in the social sciences in 2002. As of May 2006 I may be studying political science at SFU in Vancouver, Canada. The study of treatment of people through the globe and the institutions that are available to us is of great interest to me

This blog is brand new for me, as ofApril 3, 2006 and as such, I haven't thought what I want to put up. I will get more up as time progresses.

As a computer platform I am using Ubuntu Linux at the moment. I just switched, though not perminantly, from Red Hat. I really like the flexability of Red Hat, but I never got my pronter to work unnder that where it does work under Ubuntu. That which is frustrating about this flavour of Linux is that there is no root, and I hate the restriction of living without complete root privaledges. I am not long for Ubuntu, but it sure is nice having the printer.